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For every 10 products sold, 1 is donated


I started this business to share uplifting things & want as many people to enjoy my art as possible.

My business exists to spread joy and beauty. Donating isn't just valuable marketing, it is the #1 reason Uplift Illustrations was created.

Can I request a family OR apply to get a free mobile?

Absolutely! Contact me.

Where will it be donated?

Any person or place that encourage kids to be curious, kind, and creative is eligible for a freebie! I especially love gifting to local shelters, schools, and libraries.

Can I contribute in other ways?

Yes, of course! Any Uplift product is available for purchase as a donation. If you buy a product for donation, gift wrap and a custom card are complimentary. Click the "Share Uplifting Things" button at the bottom of the page to donate!